Hey y'all...look what I did!

Life has been so busy in our house lately that I've barely done anything to it at all other than a little cleaning here and there. Today I woke up and knew I would tackle my photo project and complete it. Well...once again, things don't always work out as planned, right? Right. So you build a bridge and get over it as my mom always told us kids. 

Since I wasn't going to be able to print my pictures today without the Mr. here to help me {boring story you won't care to hear} I gathered my picture frames that I spray painted about two weeks ago and decided which ones would hold prints and which would contain artwork. So, here's what I made today:

These are the three pieces of artwork that I made today and placed in their frames. They will be a part of a gallery when it is all completed.


"R" for Ritchie, of course.

Lovebirds because I'm obsessed with birds and I think it's just sweet.

Our wedding date...
Dang, these look good just like this! Don't tempt me, then I'll have to go back to the drawing board for my gallery.
This was such a gorgeous frame I had to use it, but the opening is only 4"x4" and I was worried a picture would look cramped in there. What to do, what to do....easy art! I just found one of the many sweet love notes the Mr. leaves for me and placed it in the frame, perfect! I made sure to pick one that I would be cool with company reading...not a long sappy one that would make me blush!

So far, you want to know how much this project has cost me? $0 . Yep, I gathered all the frames I could find in my house that weren't totally committed somewhere else, spray painted them all black or white and drew all the artwork myself. My only cost will be the pictures I'll have to print at the store. Anybody can do this and make a BIG design impact in their home for just a little money.

Hopefully with the Mr.'s help the whole gallery will be up soon, and you better believe I'll post pictures when it happens. Until then, here's a little sneak peek for you.


  1. the project is such a neat concept....and i really like the price!!!

  2. Hey Heather!

    Can you send me your email address?

    I'm lochil1@yahoo.com, or leave it on my blog. Thanks!


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