White slipcovers...to be, or not to be?

I think my indecisiveness is creeping up on me again and I need a little intervention...from YOU! White slipcovers-gorgeous-are fabulous and a little scary! We own a cream colored sofa right now that is not very comfy and are trying to figure out if we'll just add a loveseat, some chairs or sell it and buy a sectional. However, before I buy anything I want to settle the months-long debate in my mind if I should cover the next piece of furniture in white slipcovers or not?

I look at pictures of your beautiful slip-covered upholstery and could just about drool over them! How about the slip-cover queen herself, Pink and Polka Dot with her beautiful sofa and how the slip hugged every curve of the furniture? LOVE! 

Or what about this amazing chair over at Nesting Place? I am crazy about those cute little pleats! If you want to read about an amazing {and cheap} makeover heavily impacted by the use of white slipcovers then check out her latest blog here. She shares every painful step of the way and how her, Pink and Polka Dot and about 10 other ladies had a slipcover party for her sectional! Now that's a party I want to be invited to.

Ok, so you can see just from these two ladies why the temptation is there....they are beautiful. Are they really that functional though? Pink and Polka Dot showed the red kool-aid down the front of hers and how it completely came out when bleached in the wash! I was just about sold there, but I decided to do a little experiment of mine.I gathered up some dingy white sheets, towels and t-shirts from around the house and used bleach and blue dye to brighten the whiteness {WARNING: Follow all directions for the blue dye so all your pretty whites don't turn the color of the ocean!}. I decided if I could get these bright white then I could do the same for a slipcover...well, my whites are still dingy whites and not-so-bright. So sad!

So, all you ladies who SWEAR by your slipcovers, I want to believe you, and I want them in my home, but I don't have the extra money to replace them once they're here. So, what are your suggestions? What fabric should they be so stains will come out easily? What is your secret arsenal against said stains? Please, spell it out to me because I'm clueless but I'm willing to take the plunge. Are your stains really coming out or are you doing some creative photography? Please, comment away, I am in need of some serious guidance. Thank you all so much!!


  1. yes please!!! white slip covers = fantastic idea

  2. heather, YES! go for the white! they really are so easy. i know people don't believe that, but i wouldn't have it any other way!


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