Southern Living-good for the soul.

Who else loves this magazine? I love the homes, recipes, learning about other beautiful places to visit in the South and their encouragement to slow down your life and enjoy those whom you love with a nice outdoor dinner or cozy winter party. 

This month the magazine is celebrating "the Soul of the South". You know, how Southerners have a different perspective on life, the things we do may be a little more traditional, but how there is something so comforting in that. Something like writing a beautiful thank-you note {hand-written by the way, not email} is often forgotten in this busy world. However, there is a little tutorial inside their glossy pages on how to wow someone with a heartfelt thank-you note. They are also sharing homey ways to set a beautiful table, make mouthwatering sweet tea, savor small towns, read William Faulkner, and remember to count your blessings, and many more ways to slow down and savor your life.

These next two photos are not featured in this month's issue but I love them because they show some of the things I love most: warm, beautiful homes.To die for kitchen...hello!

I love this bedroom probably because it reminds me of the feel that my bedroom has. Of course, it does not look nearly as stunning as this one but I get the same feeling of comfortable elegance. Don't you love the mix of textures in this room? From the shell chandelier above the plush bed to the shag rug atop the hardy wood floors. It oozes comfort and I love, and I mean love a room layered in texture. 

I'm starting to look for fall nesting ideas to share with you and how I'll dress up my home for the cooler weather. Check back on Wednesday as I'll be linking up with the Inspired Room for her fall nesting party. This is a blog I love and I'm excited she's throwing this party. Will you be there too? 

Thanks, Southern Living for all your pretty, pretty pictures!

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