Funny little thing...

So, funny little thing happened yesterday. You know how I talked about how cheap and easy it is to give a little fall flair to your home with a glass container and some pine cones or acorns? Well, I had not created my own centerpiece like this yet, but had it as an idea in the back of my mind to share with all of you.

I took Phoenix outside yesterday afternoon and as I walked along the fence in our backyard I saw all the Pine trees had dropped tons of pine cones! I swear it was like *ding* here's what you were just talking about, Heather! So I grabbed as many as I could off the ground, brought them in and filled my empty hurricane vase on my kitchen table. Ta-da! Instant fall decorating for free that took all of one minute to accomplish.

I kind of giggled when all of this happened because I was just talking about the idea then the opportunity presented itself. A few minutes later it was made even funnier when I read a comment from 1 Bella Stager and how she liked the pine cone hurricanes from yesterday's post...then I proceeded to make my own version. You've gotta love the simple things in life and just laugh a little.

Are the rest of you ladies ammending anything to your fall decor since the fall nesting party yesterday? What were some of your favorite ideas you saw from others? I'll tell you mine:

-The tree sketches in pretty silver frames at Pewter+Sage...like little jewel boxes!
-Home and Harmony's rope swing on the front porch...oh so southern!
-The old, stacked books on Melissa's mantel over at The Inspired Room.
-I know it's not home decorating, but we change our wardrobes for fall too and I fell in love with this beautiful DIY  flower necklace at Boogieboard Cottage! Sooo J.Crew-my fav!

That's just a few of the many beautiful things I saw yesterday, what about you guys? What sparked your interest?


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  1. Hi Heather! Thank you visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments. And thank you for linking to my necklace, I'm glad you liked it. I'm going to be posting some more easy-to make jewelry in the furture. Take care, Mary :O)


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