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For those of you that followed the link over from So Abram Went I want to fill you in on the change. I started So Abram Went back in 2008 as my husband, Daniel and I were preparing to move from Greensboro, North Carolina to Lake Havasu City, Arizona. It was to be a way to keep our families and friends clued into what we were up to all the way on the other side of the country. 

Well, since then we moved back to Greensboro and just a month ago moved to Wilson, North Carolina where my husband is a youth pastor. It's been a crazy trip, but we are so happy where we are right now. With this new change I finally wanted to kick off Heather at Home-a dream of mine for the past year while we were waiting for Daniel to find a job that would allow us to settle down again and make a home somewhere. 

For all of you who have just found your way here somehow I want to show you a little bit of what you'll see on here and tell you a bit more about myself. First of all, I love lists. I make lists all day long for things to get at the store, design ideas, songs I want to remember later, you name it, I do it. It helps me de-stress to know that I've gotten all those tiny ideas that were flying around in my head out and onto a piece of paper. Ahh, I feel better already, don't you? So, in true Heather form, here's a list of my loves in life:

- Jesus, He is my everything and I cannot go a day without his unconditional love.
- My husband, Daniel, also know by me as "the Mr.".
- Phoenix, our crazy dog. He's half Australian Shepherd and half Basset Hound.
- Coffee, coffee, coffee!
- Interior design.
- Decorating.
- DIY projects that look really, really good and not like you DIYed them.
- Cooking.
- Baking.
- French toile.
- Fresh cut flowers-white only and without all that crappy filler greenery stuff.
- Dancing.
- African music-it brings the BIGGEST smile to my face and makes something inside me come to life!
- Jewelry.
- Paula Deen.
- Farmhouse sinks.
- Farmhouse tables.
- CHRISTMAS!! Hold your horses, y'all will soon find out what a NUT I am for Christmas.
- Magazines are my guilty pleasure. They fill my house and I never want to let them go.
- Large, dark brown leather Chesterfield sofas.
- Topsail Island.
- Weddings.
- Organization-I'm not OCD, but I like to have order and have a place for everything.
- Being outdoors.
- Charleston, SC.
- Summertime is when I feel free, Autumn is when I'm inspired, Christmas is when I'm giddy all the time.
- Creating...anything!
- Snuggling in bed.
- I love great, big, booming thunderstorms.
- Gray and blue are my favorite colors. They're the colors of my favorite things in nature: dark, stormy skies and the ocean.
- Photography.
- A mix of sweet and edgy...both in my clothing and my home.
- J.Crew
- Rachel Zoe-this lady may not be my favorite person, but she challenges me the way I look at fashion and style in general. 
- Being a good wife and trying to live out Proverbs 31 the best I can.
- Southern Living.
- Loving on children.
- Messy, beachy hair.
- Snowed in days.
- Journaling.
- Great Danes.
- Cake and cupcake decorating.
- Gourmet food.
- I never leave home without my sunglasses. I think I have sensitive eyes.
- Pearls.
- Black anything.
- Acoustic music.
- Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook-I swear, It's the bible for caring for your home!

I'm sure that's way more than you wanted to know but maybe we found common ground here? Here's a taste of things you'll see on here:


Beautiful decor that is completely doable in our own homes like this photo gallery. I'm about to put one up {hopefully} in my house this week. Don't worry, I'll take pictures and show you.


Pieces that I love and want to share with you like this farmhouse sink with the french toile skirt to hide not-so-pretty cleaning supplies.

This is my girl, y'all! You may not always see her on here, but you'll see recipes that I try out and if they're good enough then I'll share them with you so you can wow your family and dinner guests too. 

I could live in this store and their catalogs. Especially their mix of messy tomboy, girlie flair and pops of sparkle, color and texture. That's me all wrapped up, folks! I'll post looks in fashion that are inspiring and that translate to a room and the way you live. Fashion and interior design speak the same language, it's all live-able art.

If you like what you see and think  you'll check back often then leave a comment and let me know! Everyone loves a nice comment in their day and also I can link up and put you on my blogroll as well. Comment, add to favorites, check and check! Come back later to see my last update from our vacation to Topsail Island this summer.

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