Topsail Island Vacation Pt.3

Hey everyone, well, as promised I wanted to continue the vacation posts just because it was one of the best ones I've had in years. Today I'm sharing a few photos of just some of the decor in our beautiful, 3-story beach house on Topsail Island. Now, like a lot of beach houses, the decor is very predictable, cliche' and boring. Starfish here, lots of shells over there, every piece of hardware is a clam shell and the lamps have seahorse bases. You're at the beach, we get it already. I always said if I ever were to be so lucky to own my own beach house I would never decorate it that way...it's still a home for crying out loud.

 This house had a lot of that too, but there were a few pieces that grabbed my attention. While still obviously beach-themed, some items showed more class rather than flash in their nods to nautical. If you missed the first two T.I. posts then head back to So Abram Went to get caught up on where we are now.

This was our bed for the week. The quilt and shams were Pottery Barn and were perfect for summer nights at the beach. I'm not in love with this space, but it's definitely better than other places we've stayed. I think I would take that quilt and pair it with white linen sheets for the perfect rustic/tailored pairing. What do y'all think of this?

Oh my goodness! I wanted to run out the door with this adorable little table. All week long I kept my jewelry, sunscreen and sunglasses here. I must have taken about 7 shots of just this table.

See, here's one more. This is a totally do-able DIY project. Flea market and a little paint anyone?

This was the master bedroom where my parents slept. Once again, I'm not crazy about the room, but one thing I did love was how they tied in the bed skirt, throw pillows and shower curtain in with the same fabric just different embellishments on each.

These pillows are just so adorable. Look how they live together without being matchy-matchy.
This fabric is beautiful. I think it's a classy way to do nautical in your home. Just thinking of all the ways I would use this fabric if it were in my home....lampshade, framed in glass, no mat board, more cute throw pillows!
How perfect that the master bedroom with the sailboat fabric accessories looks out onto the sound from it's own private balcony.

We had a fantastic trip this year and look forward to many more years of vacations on Topsail Island. Don't we have that nice grungy,I-haven't-showered-all-day-after-being-slathered-with-sunscreen-and-playing-in-the-saltwater, look. Well, it's because it's true...but that's what vacation is all about! And we soaked it up!

So, where did you vacation this summer? See any little pretties on your travels?

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