Autumn is here!

Oh my goodness I am so happy it is officially autumn! I know for me and many of you it does not feel like fall just yet, but that doesn't get me down, because I know it's just around the corner. This is why I'm glad my stint in AZ only lasted one year and I am now back in my glorious North Carolina with all 4 seasons...especially fall. Isn't the picture above just breathtaking? It is a picture of the Blue Ridge Mountains in NC. The drive through the Blue Ridge Parkway in autumn is really stunning. I highly recommend a little getaway to the NC mountains, it is magical. 
The Mr. and I have such fond memories of the mountains. It is where we met, we continued to fall in love and had our first date-a fall picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Autumn stirs romance, you feel like cozying up with a loved one and re-introduce yourself to your home which you're about to spend a lot of time inside of. 
I enjoyed the fall nesting party a few weeks ago making my home look a little more like autumn but now I feel I am really settling into it. I'm wanting to wear my cozy clothes but have to fight myself into a t-shirt and shorts everyday for our weather that is still in the 90's. The good news is the nights and mornings feel crisp and because of that I've been drinking a warm mug of spiced apple cider almost every single evening. Even the Mr. got in on it and threw a box of this blueberry tea in the grocery cart the other night.
What autumn things are you doing now? I would love to hear how you start to get a little more in the spirit of fall!

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  1. I'm heading to Maggie Valley today! I can't wait. I looove the mountains.


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