Wordless Wednesday: Busting My Hump.

Sadly, why you don't see me on here as much lately. Let's hope it changes soon :)


November Goals.

Time flies, doesn't it? Last night was Halloween and I had a lot of fun painting faces at our church's fall festival. All my students had pockets full of candy at school today and in the midst of sugar highs I got really excited remembering it was the first day of November. I must say, I was a very busy girl in October and did not get to post like I wanted to. I kept seeing things or coming up with ideas and wanting to share them with all of you but there simply is just not enough time in the day {sadly}.

I would like to say November is going to be better, but in the last few days my calendar filled up all the way to Thanksgiving! Let's hope I am a good steward of my time so that I can get everything in "life" finished so I can do some fun things...like play out in blogland a while.
Well, because it's late, here are my November goals. Remember, if you do monthly goals then link up in the comments so we can all keep each other encouraged! 

{November Goals}

-Exercise 3-4 days a week.
-Paint end table white and turn into guest bedroom nightstand.
-Buy bookshelf for office and organizing bins for office.
-Give the stinky dog a bath.
-Make my special Butterfinger Cheesecake for Thanksgiving.
-Spend Thanksgiving with Daniel's family.
-Continue my tradition of crazy, marathon Black Friday shopping!!-there WILL be a post on this!
-Speak at Charis Women's Minstry at our church on Nov.12
-Attend Girls Night Out event with our youth girls.
-Decorate for GNO.
-Go to a Carolina Hurricane's game with the Mr.
-Take the youth group to Raleigh for a day to shop and play.
-Finally hang the photo gallery that I've been trying to do for 2 months.
-Begin Christmas shopping.
-Go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...yes, I'm aware of the dork factor here.
-Practice guitar twice a week.
-Journal twice a week.

Happy November everybody!