Wedding Fever!

Y'all!! The Royal Wedding will begin in almost 6 hours from now...wooohooo! Who's with me on this one? I will be getting up after sleeping for probably only 3 hours tonight to watch all the live coverage with a BIG cup of coffee.I don't know about y'all, but I am really excited about watching this wedding!

Thinking about it has made me think of my own wedding, the good, the bad, the ugly, and what I wish my wedding would be like if I could do it all over again-my way. Daniel and I have always said on our 10th anniversary we're going to renew our vows and have the wedding we always wanted. Well, that's in 5 more years so maybe a few of these things will still be in style or to my liking by then?

What's most important to the girl? The Dress

Monique Lhuillier 

I love this dress! I'm a sucker for a very natural, lacy, romantic dress that just drapes the body.

 Vera Wang

Vera never dissapoints.I would wear this dress in a fancy city ballroom wedding. It is so chic that it needs a venue to suit it.
 Romona Keveza

I know, y'all think I went bonkers over here-or blind-but I L.O.V.E. a black wedding dress. Throw the whole theory out the window about it having to be white...nobody wears a true white dress anymore anyways. They're all cream, blush, beige, ivory-an array of colors to suit our skin color. So why aren't more women wearing the all flattering black that us women love? I don't quite know, but I do have to say that I am just dying over the second black dress and this one above...I just wish I could see the whole dress because that sculptural detailed tulle shoulder is genius! I would definitely rock a black wedding dress, how about you?

Vera Wang

The flower appliques on this dress are beautiful and romantic and whatever is happening at the end of this mermaid silhouette is stunning. Go Vera, go Vera! 

Even though I love all these dresses, I highly doubt Kate Middleton aka our future Queen of England is going to be wearing anything close to these dresses. I imagine her dress tomorrow being tightly fitted to her tiny little body then flowing out in dramatic fashion into a very full skirt and long train-but nowhere near as long as Princess Diana's! However, being the future queen and all, and getting married in Westminster Abbey, I do think if her dress is strapless or a little revealing up top that she will wear some sort of shrug to the ceremony that can later be removed. I'm so excited to see what she will wear!!

Here are a few more pictures of some lovely wedding things:

So, this sweet gal above is Nancy Ray. A childhood friend of mine that I grew up with who is now a very successful wedding photographer. Listen people, I am VERY picky about photography and what looks good artistically vs. something that is just cute or run of the mill kitschy {art school did this to me}. So when I say this girl is good, I mean it! Her photography is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Her blog is a must read of mine just because the photographs are so beautiful they inspire me creatively! If you click here then you will see what I think is the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen on her blog. 
Every detail is SO us {Daniel and I that is}. The romantic southern backdrop, a rustic barn that's dressed up with french signs, fleur de lis, delicious food, and heartfelt personal touches....it is everything Daniel and I want when we renew our vows someday. And when that day comes, then the adorable Nancy will be photographing it. Take a few minutes to look at the wedding I just described, it will take your breath away!
Well, it's past midnight, I had better get a little sleep so I can watch the wedding of the century! Haha, I know, I am being sooo dramatic, but I just love weddings and I'm happy to be watching this one in particular! 
{Fun Time: So, if you have a guess as to what Kate will wear then leave it in the comments below. Tomorrow I'll do a royal wedding wrap-up post and I would love to see who guessed right on the dress! Enjoy!}



  1. I loved the wedding, her dress was what I pictured. I also knew should would have some sort of sleeve, and looking at pictures, it looks like she will be able to take it off. I also love those 2 black dresses! More things in common..we got married in front of a barn! And we are totally renewing our vows because I want another wedding!

  2. Haha, Sassafras, were we separated at birth? I am actually re-watching the wedding right now and she looks so elegant and regal...a picturesque future queen!


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