my husband loves me, this i know...

Today a friend was having an event at their little store and Daniel was able to go but I was not. However, always being so thoughtful and doting this is what he brought home to me:

A cloche! Oh my goodness, how does this man know me SO well? I have wanted one of these things forever but it's always just a decorative item that I don't need to buy. I haven't found something to put inside yet, but don't worry, I will, and then I'll share with you. 

Yes, my husband loves me a lot! And I'm crazy about that man.

In other news, we had a tornado hit our little town this afternoon, and PRAISE GOD we are safe and don't even have damage to anything! Praise the Lord! We prayed hard, cleaned out the closet and almost jumped in it, but didn't have to. The power has been off for several hours all over town but just came back on here. However, just 2 miles down the road is where the tornado touched down and we drove to see the damage and we were so thankful that the Lord protected us from what could have happened to us. Tonight we are lifting up all those affected by it and counting our blessings. 
Did any of you get affected by today's storms? I hope you all are well!



  1. Luckily it didn't hit us. We just had some rain and wind. Glad you guys are safe!

  2. On March 18 you posted a picture of a gray/ivory lattice fabric. Do you know the brand/pattern name of it? Or where you saw it? Thanks!

  3. Anonymous, I wish I knew who you were but thanks for asking! I didn't know which gray fabric you were speaking of so if it was the full picture of the curtains then that is West Elm. If it was the gray trellis pattern underneath it then that is Ballard Designs wallpaper-it also comes in a chartreuse green. I hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Ah, Ballard Designs -- thank you! Sher


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