Message in the Mirror Mondays

Fact: I was on spring break all last week and only posted on Monday.
Fact: I stayed super busy with everything last week and some of that everything were some great projects that I completed, photographed and will be posting this week! 
Fact: THE ROYAL WEDDING IS IN 4 DAYS!!!! I'm so excited about it you would think I'm British. Yes, I will be awake at 4am watching the wedding of the century!

Moving on...I hope everyone had a great Easter yesterday. After church my parents and my two brothers came to our house from Raleigh and we had a honey-glazed ham, rolls, rosemary and lemon potatoes, apple cheddar salad, green bean casserole and cherry pie. It was a joint effort from mom and I. Sounds lovely right? Well, then life kicks in {this next part is for your reading pleasure} and makes it all interesting.

Our A/C wouldn't cut on yesterday. It was 90 degrees. The whole family came and filled up the house. The oven ran for 4 hours straight. Daniel had to go to church and borrow a fan from our youth room. And that's all folks!

Really, I'm not upset about it, the whole thing is comical and I really enjoy having all the windows open. Too bad we don't have screens on our windows so we could have them open all the time without the bugs. It was a great day.

So, the message a put on my mirror today is a quote that for years has given me a lot of hope and encouragement when things are really hard. The awesome Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said this in a speech and I love hearing it from his voice because he says it almost as a command. He has such certainty and strength in his voice that you really believe it.

I have found in hindsight that this statement is true. Check back soon to find out what this busy bee has been up to the past week!

Um, is anyone else so-excited-you-can-barely-stand-it about the Royal Wedding? Who's getting up early for it???

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