Message in the Mirror Mondays

So, when I was around 15 years old or so I started writing all over the mirrors in my parent's house and my bedroom windows with dry erase markers. I wrote bible verses to encourage me, challenge me and inspire me. Then I also would write quotes I liked, lyrics of songs that spoke to me or just any word I felt like the Lord was laying on my heart at the time. 

This habit has yet to cease in my life. I think it is because I have a love of typography and being an artist I will draw, carve, paint, scribble or sculpt just about anything I can get my hands on {and dry erase markers are so great for when you change your mind!}. With all that said, sometimes I want to share with you what is on my heart and/or mind that week and I started thinking, "what if I just take pictures of my mirrors and post them each week?" Sawweeeeeeett! 

I didn't want to rain on anybody's parade by doing Wordless Wednesday so I thought of Messages in the Mirror Mondays! Double sweet. So, today it is born, I hope that when I find something encouraging to me and post it on here that somehow the Lord will use that to encourage you out there too. I love when a community of believers work to build each other up, even in the little things!

"We went dancing in the minefields...."


You're probably saying, "Alright ladies, Heather is off her rocker now! Dancing in the minefields??" Let me explain. There is a wonderful singer/songwriter by the name of Andrew Peterson that the Mister and I had the opportunity to meet at a friend's house where he did a house concert a few weeks ago. We're big fans of his and one of his many beautiful songs is called "Dancing in the Minefields". It was great being at a house concert because it was a concert/storytime of sorts. He said that when he wrote this song he and his wife had just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary just a few days prior but that night they had a really huge fight. He couldn't sleep so he wrote her this song as an apology. 

The first time Daniel and I heard this song we both looked straight at each other and said "That is US!!" I'm still not quite sure if he wasn't spying on us when he wrote the song because it feels like we wrote it, but anyways, it speaks so much encouragement and love to me and the fact that God is bringing us through the minefields and the storms. More importantly, He is using our marriage to draw us closer to Him and then each other. I'm including his beautiful music video for this song so you can hear all his great talent and how God is using this man to reach people for His kingdom. 
{Sorry this post was so long, the other Monday posts won't be as long!}


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  1. Message in the mirror Mondays.Wow what a great idea! I am new to your blog and am so glad that I found it!


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