January Goals and 2011 Goals.

 Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to post this on 1/1/11 because that looks really cool, but we were visiting my in-laws over the weekend and theY don't have internet, and don't even own a computer. So, here I am on 1/3/11. Even though I'm 3 days late I have been very excited about this post for two reasons: one, it is the beginning of a new month which means monthly goals to get me motivated and also it is the beginning of a new year! Yearly goals are very exciting to me and a little sentimental as well when I look back on them over the years. I always have some goals that are private but I try to share as many things as I can on here. So without further adieu, here they are!

{2011 Goals}

Make white slipcovers for my comfy new sofa and loveseat. 
Be debt free!!
Streamline a method/routine for keeping my home clean all the time.
Grow in my faith in knowledge and love.
Run another 5k.
Take my couponing to a whole other level to save us more money.
To always be reading a book with Daniel simultaneously for growth and good conversation.
Study Prov. 31 in depth {again} to challenge myself how to be the best wife to Daniel.
Get things moving in the direction of opening my own business-more on this once I nail down some details!
Host many more parties and "get-togethers" in our home.
Challenge myself in the kitchen even more-study technique, tools, recipes, the science behind food, etc.
Enjoy my blessed life and remember to praise God for it all.
Blog on a consistent basis.

 {January Goals}

Have a night out with friends at the Melting Pot in Raleigh this weekend!
Get back on my exercise routine after a little Christmas break {4 times a week}.
Cook with as many whole, unprocessed foods as possible.
Buy all Saturday papers to get back on track with my couponing.
Plan all meals wisely to make the most of sales and food bought.
Write down the cleaning plan for my house-refer to Flylady as needed.
Chaperone youth group lock-in.  
Drink insane amounts of water.
Switch from using Splenda with my coffee to Agave Nectar.
Open an account at SECU with Daniel.
Take youth group to Wintergreen for a ski trip!!
Go to a sweet friend's baby shower for her little girl!

I know it is a lot but taking it day by day, staying on schedule and planning out my days I know I can do this! So what are your goals for this year? This month? Let's hear 'em and keep each other going.

All photos from House Beautiful.



  1. 1. I love your goals.
    2. Have you read/listened to Dave Ramsey? He's the king of the debt free world! I am starting his system this year.
    3. Yay for agave nectar! I haven't used it in coffee yet, but I've used it in recipes and mixed it with maple flavoring to use as syrup.
    4. Is the shower for Laurel or someone else? 'Cause did you hear she's having a girl?!?!

  2. I love your goals! Really, they are very inspiring. What are your couponing strategies? I'd love to hear more. Lovely pictures!


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