The Fear Factor

Do you ever want to do something, follow a dream and there is something that seems to slow down that process? This has been a feeling of mine for about a year now. I have dreams of a company I want to begin, and the life that it will entail. 

This company will have everything to do with:
pretty letters
quality papers and materials
pretty papers

There is always a reason why it's "not now" or "later". Purchasing expensive equipment, gaining knowledge, transitioning jobs, and most of all.....fear of failure. What if all the money, equipment, time, effort and exposure were for nothing? Imagine how guilty I would feel if my sweet husband supported me through it all just for it to not make it and I was so selfish to waste our time and resources? 

But then I hear the voice that says "love the life you lead" and "follow your dreams" and "do what God has gifted you to do". And I want to scream YES!!! I can imagine the beautiful products I'll make, the fun I'll have designing and creating all day long, I can even picture what my day looks like every morning. Then I drift back into the fear factor, then pump myself up, then down.....ugh, it's a tiring roller coaster of a mind game. 

So, for any of my entrepreneur friends out there what advice do you have? My brain hurts now.


  1. I made that transition from a 9-5, five days a week job. It was scary. Basically we gave ourselves 6 months to prepare for it, and when the time came I resigned. After that, it has just been trusting God to meet our every need. It's pretty amazing to see the doors God has opened, and the simple fact that I do what I love (working freelance).

  2. Start the company! Create as much as you can while still working your job and see where it leads you from there.

    Mine has been a slow start and I'm not really making money but I love working on it and thinking of new ideas for items. It feels good to have a business of my very own, one I can make exactly what I want. I know the more I work on it the more results I'll see.

    If you hear God telling your to follow your dreams, then you should do it.



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