Award Season: Golden Globes

The dresses, the hair, those jewels! I, like many women love to see who is going to wear what down the red carpet during award season. The big kickoff for 2011 happened last night at the Golden Globes. I watched the red carpet on E! and have scoured the pictures today. There were a lot of interesting choices but I can say that there was a lot of: emerald green, reds, pinks and black-which is surprising since it does not photograph well people tend to shy away from it. 

Now, I was quite dissapointed, I saw a lot of ho-hum dresses, you know, pretty but not Rachel Zoe, "I think I'm going to die!" pretty. And then, there were the train wrecks, there were a lot of those. So, to spare you all from those I just decided to show you my favorites of the evening! Here we go!

Olivia Wilde

Ugh, please ignore the ugly credits, I can't make them go away. Moving on....Olivia Wilde was TO-DIE-FOR! This dress screams elegance and glamour. If a Disney princess would wear a black dress, this would be the one!

Catherine Zeta-Jones

What a dreamy vision of emerald. She is always stunning, always classic, and once again Catherine did not disappoint. 

Heather Morris

I don't know what it is but there is something that I just love about this effortless elegance. The dress sparkles like a ballgown but she wears it like a sundress. Lovely.

Julia Stiles

Stunning! I love, love, LOVE this dress! If ever in some alternate universe there would be a way I could go to an award show I could see myself wearing this dress. There is something very nice about a woman who can wear volume near the neck without it swallowing her.

Lea Michelle

Lea Michelle looks so beautiful here. I love her messy, tousled updo with this very sculptural Oscar de la Renta dress.  Your eye flows from the one strap shoulder all the way down to the train, just like it should. One tiny complaint.....did it have to be bubblegum pink??

Juliana Hough

This look is so beautiful. Hough reminds me of a goddess in this dress with the giant jewels draping her neck and her hair lifted up and swept back so lightly. 

Anne Hathaway

Can you tell she was my favorite?! Anne Hathaway looked stunning in Armani Prive! When I first saw the dress from the front I thought, Pretty, but I just wish she didn't look like a nun. Then, I saw the back....I die! And I'm sure Rachel Zoe was saying the same thing when this dress walked the runway Fall 2010 and again last night when she dressed Anne for the G.G. I can't blame the woman, she looks so beautiful and I'm sure will make the best-dressed list in every magazine for years to come.

Another night of beauty is coming up Jan. 30 for the SAG awards. I wonder if the fashion will be better there? I feel like everyone is saving their very best dresses for the Oscars this year. The question is: How will Anne Hathaway top herself?

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  1. Such beautiful dresses! Loved the emerald green....gorgeous!


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