What are you up to?

Dear goodness, the first week of 2011 was a blur for me, how about y'all? Every night there was a meeting, appointment, unexpected errand, but that's life. And it was a good week, with great people I love, so I'm not complaining. I didn't do a very good job of keeping my house clean this week. That always happens when we are busy, we get messy! So, to be proactive, I am getting myself in order for this week so I don't trash the house anymore.

Here are a few things that need to be done:
-pick up clutter
-organize mail
-iron the mountain of laundry hiding behind the laundry doors ;)
-clean bedroom
-clean bathrooms

I think these few things will help keep us more organized:
-buy a remote basket for coffee table rather than the dinky bowl I'm using now.
-buy a letter organizer for bills.
-re-arrange mail station in our home
-write out a cleaning schedule to the week....and stick to it!
-set a timer for 15 minutes each night and me and the Mr. will do quick clutter clean-up all through the house.

This week I did exercise 3 times amidst all the craziness...I really pushed myself to get motivated though. This week I'm hoping for 4 days of exercise but I will be ok with 3 if need be. 

Continuing with trying to live a more organized and healthy life I used Agave Nectar in my coffee every day this week and you cannot tell a difference, really! You should try it, it is very healthy. I've also planned a yummy menu for this week, some items I hope will make it onto this blog.

This is the menu:
M- tuscan lemon chicken, brown rice, spring mix salad
T- ny strip steak, lemon-basil roasted potatoes, citrus salad
W- bacon, egg, cheese panini's, fresh veggies
TH- lemon orzo salad with chicken and veggies
F- pesto pizza, salad
S- potato skins, veggies
S- soup

Can you tell I had a craving for lemon and citrus this week?! Crazy. Anyways, I like using something all week long because it also saves on your grocery bill that way. Some of our meals are quick and easy like the soup and the pizza because those are busy nights for us and I just want something ready in 5 minutes. I'm about to run to Harris Teeter for their Super Doubles with my coupons and stock up since we're about to get a great big snowstorm tomorrow. 

So what menu are you planning this week? Anybody got any tips to keeping a mail center more organized in your home? Leave it in the comments people!


  1. I can't believe we are getting ANOTHER round of snow already!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, and sharing your tips on couponing!

    I have heard so much about the agave nectar, I need to try it. Your dinner menu sounds delicious!! I've been trying my best to keep the house clean, but you are right, it's tough when life gets busy!.


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