The Dresser Makeover.

So a sweet little lady in our youth group by the name of Cassie and her mother and two big, strong brother's came and dropped this dresser off for us about a week and a half before Christmas. We've been needing a large dresser for our bedroom since the beautiful old one that we had got infested by mice while in storage last year. We've been getting by in a small highboy but we just needed more drawers for the both of us. I was thrilled when Cassie offered us her old dresser since she was getting a new one. 

It was pink and brown to match her cute, teenage girl room but she has more refined taste now which is how we inherited this. I decided painting it black would best match the super dark brown bedroom set we already own-and love. So, there it sat for about 2 and a half weeks...in our bedroom....blocking the closet doors. We were SO crazy busy and barely home in that time, and I got sick and I injured my neck and couldn't move for 3 days so needless to say, it did not get painted when I thought it would. This is what it looked like in our bedroom all that time. 

I know, really pretty, huh? You can see the highboy in there with that gargantuan TV teetering on top. But that my friends is another issue altogether...moving on! 

Since our furniture is so dark that sometimes it appears black I decided to paint the dresser black. While it is very nice and sturdy, it is not my exact taste for my bedroom and I didn't want to invest the time into sanding and staining something that may be put into another room in the future. So satin black it was. As you can tell from the picture above Phoenix was my little helper the whole time.
Here is the finished product!

How sleek looking!It only took me about an hour and a half to paint two coats on this baby with a paintbrush. I would have done spray paint but since I can't turn into the Hulk and carry it up and down the stairs by myself then painting inside the bedroom was my only option. All I can say is, thank God for plastic drop cloths!

I think it blends with the rest of the room nicely. Unfortunately the godforsaken TV is still there. Ignore that please and enjoy the aesthetic I'm trying to create here.

Finally after living here for almost 5 months {wow that's weird to say} I am able to hang my mirror over the dresser. It will be so nice to stand there and put on my jewelry in the mornings and not have to run back and forth to the bathroom. If you think the mirror looks like it's been hung high...it has. I'm nearly 6 feet tall and so that's why it looks a little out of place.

 Ah, and that bed, I love, love, luurrrvee that bed! It is incredibly comfortable with enough room for two very tall adults and a 45 pound hound dog slapped in the middle!

A big thank you to Cassie and her awesome family for the dresser that has helped make our lives easier and more organized. The highboy has moved to the guest room/my office where it is already being used to organize my office supplies. 

And as Cassie and her mother have reminded us about 10 times now, "that dresser would be the perfect height to use as a changing table you know....just saying." Thank you, we will remember that in about 100 years when we have children. :)

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  1. Hey girl! that dresser looks great! good work my friend.



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