Christmas House Tour

So...I was linking up over at The Nester today for the 2010 Christmas Home Tour Party, but with all my other Christmas partying I goofed and thought the date was for the 15th, when really it was the 13th. Dumb. Even if I'm 700th in line, here I am! 

Disclaimer: This is not a picture perfect home. If you have high hopes of magazine worthy shots, then you may not want to continue. This is a real home, with a real budget and this real lady still loves to drool over those beautiful magazine shots that my house is not. But please stay and take a look around. :)

 Our Rustic Christmas Home

welcome home.

ok, now let's break it down.

I just bought these apothecary jars at Michael's this week and have yet to decide what to fill them with. Candy? Ornaments? Nuts and berries? And I know you're looking at my too-cute baker's pumpkins and saying "wrong holiday" but I just can't throw them away. They are pretty little white pumpkins that have yet to go bad at all and I think it goes well with our natural/rustic Christmas vibe.

Red tinsel all around the chandelier...a little Whoville, don't you think?


And with all that space above my cabinets begging to be decorated I put up this garland that I wound with lights. I have to say, this is our second-most favorite thing in the whole house. The lights give off such a warm glow in the evenings when we're relaxing from our day. I think it adds a little oomph to the inside of the house.

The Mr. really loved this idea. And he loved that it didn't cost a dime!

 I swagged this garland I've had for years around my pretty oval mirror. I had hung the bell on the front door before but this time I pinned it here. I love how this garland came decorated with pinecones, berries, and this cute little birdie!

Atop the bookshelf...aka, our mantle ;)

The greenery was cut off a tree behind my house, I think it livened up the space a little bit! 

This one is and oldie but a goodie. I have always loved the ornaments in this glass hurricane.

See, a makeshift mantle. Stockings and all!

 Santa Claus is coming to town! If we're not careful this Santa is a goner, Phoenix has been caught in previous years dragging Santa away when he thought no one was looking. Silly dog.

 O Christmas Tree! I love our tree!! The tartan ribbon, the keepsake ornaments, the ones we made together this year, and the burlap tree skirt...it's very us.

I love to find beautiful wrapping paper to use for presents. They're going to be a part of your decorations for the next month or so, so make them look pretty and not tacky with a million different wrapping papers that don't do together. Once again with my personal taste of almost anything, rustic and glamor, I paired the glittery damask paper with twine bows.

A super BIG thank you to Colleen for making this gorgeous bow for me!! I am in love with it's refined whimsy. I know that's a juxtaposition, but it does work.

I keep moving these all around because I'm not crazy about the steup, but I don't like these items anywhere else. My mom gave me the santas, and the sequined tree is old, but the JOY sign was a $1 buy from target. 

My favorite. Christmas makes me very joyful. 

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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  1. Beautiful tree! I love the whoville touch!

  2. Oh my word!
    I love your home and how you decorate everything!!
    I miss youuuu
    Much love!

  3. Beautiful! I love the twig tree. I may steal that idea for next year!

    I've decided to work Christmas lights in year round, I love the warmth it gives off too!

  4. Love the lights above the cabinets! What a creative idea!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Cute blog, thanks for letting me stop in! Merry Christmas!


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