was relaxing.
I wore bright red lipstick...to Target....just because.
the Mr. and I had a sweet coffee date at Starbucks.
I drank 3 cups of coffee out of my girlie, antique-looking mug from Anthropologie.
I chipped that lovely little mug when a whisk came flying out of my overstuffed cabinet.
was the laziest day I have had in a looooong time.
I found out The Nester featured me on her blog here. Nothing huge, but it TOTALLY made my day!
I made one of Daniel's favorite dinners, and we ate by candlelight. 
there has been a lot of talk about the future and daydreams of what it may hold.
I re-read my 2010 yearly goals and have been thinking of ones for 2011.
the snow is still halfway up my shins and I enjoyed it some more.
I watched two movies, read two magazines, and watched way too much pointless TV.

I just let myself unwind, create or not create, sleep, be messy, just let myself be. Do you ever just need a day like that? This kind of day allows me to let loose with no rules, no excuses and no apologies-I'm not talking crazy stuff here people, just things like, not picking up after yourself all day long, not showering, and watching TV for 8 hours...or not if you don't want to. It's all about unwinding from the normal schedule we are on and the rules that we live by-which are great-to keep ourselves and our homes nice, and just doing whatever you want to do! Can you hear it? FREEDOM!

After today I feel refreshed, got all the lazies out that I've been dreaming of for months and am now ready to tackle the last few days of my precious Christmas break with goals and a purpose and tackle 2011. Are you ready? If not, then maybe take a lazy day yourself to re-charge your batteries.

These were some of our snowy fun pictures I took yesterday that I thought I would share with y'all. This was at 9 am but it didn't stop snowing until around 3pm. We got a total of 12".....totally unheard of in eastern NC. Gosh it's pretty.

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