December is HERE!!!

...it's the most wonderful time, of the year!! 

Don't y'all just LOVE that photo above? It has appeared in the Pottery Barn catalog for the past 3 years and I love, no, lurve this picture. I always tell Daniel this is the most perfect picture of a Christmas home I could ever dream of, and hopefully, one day we'll decorate a home to look just like that.

Don't y'all think so too? In case you didn't know, I am a self-proclaimed Christmas nut!! Like, I-listen-to-Christmas-music-in-July, Christmas nut. The whole season makes me happy, it feels magical and joyful to me, and I suppose because it always felt that way to me growing up. So, now that I'm all grown up now, I can't stifle the excited little kid in me that gets giddy with the glow of Christmas lights.

Here at the Ritchie home we decorated before Thanksgivng {keep your "ugh's " silent please, in order to not spoil my Christmas fun you Grinch's out there} and thanks to my 10th annual Black Friday shop-a-thon I have all my Christmas presents bought except for one more thing. No, I'm not trying to brag, I feel like announcing this great success because as much as I love Christmas, I was not always on top of the whole decorating and present thing. This year I have been planning ahead and trying to be proactive and am happy to say that I am no longer a Christmas procrastinator. It's all about planning and organization, something I am always striving for in my life to keep it from getting too crazy. So, whip out your planners and to-do lists and get on it people!!

Well, as much as I feel like I have accomplished a lot, there is always more to do, which brings me to the monthly goals. I really wanted to post them yesterday but I worked up a nasty little cold and was good for nothing, in fact, it got worse and worse and right now I am home from work, on the couch watching Paula Deen {love her!!} and typing away on the laptop.  So, here they are, and I'm sure with all the busyness this month y'all have some goals yourself. So if you have never posted any goals, why not start this month? If you do, let me know in the comments and we can all read and share and encourage each other. Happy December, Y'all!

December Goals
plan lesson for Charis Women's Ministry at church
wrap all presents at Charis wrapping party on December 10
find that last present
find or make a wreath, tree skirt and tree topper
have an ornament making day with the Mr. {starting our own traditions}
finalize details for our Christmas party Dec. 6
attend a Christmas party tomorrow night {if I get over this stinking cold}
go to SWO for the annual Christmas extravaganza!!! so excited for this!
watch our good friends, Blue and Brittany get married on Dec. 19
buy wedding gift for that wedding
make Christmas presents for friends and neighbors
go to Mike's Farm with some sweet friends on Dec. 23 
take some dear children that Daniel and I love to a light show on Dec. 11
go see a Christmas concert
drive around one night {ok, maybe 2 or 3} and look at all the Christmas lights in town
sing in our church's Christmas concert
read the new book the Mr. just got me : 1/2 Price Living
continue to exercise at least 3 days a week, preferably 4
genuinely enjoy this month even though it's a busy one
hang photo gallery in living room
be more disciplined in my time with the Lord and memorizing scripture
host Christmas party for our youth group on Dec. 22
make a custom Christmas CD :)

I have a huge list of goals this month, but I am confident that I can accomplish all of these AND enjoy myself through this whole season. I love the busyness of it because it usually means I have lots of opportunities to spend time with those I love at parties, and fun events. I hope you all enjoy every moment of your Christmas season as well. Don't forget to comment on your goals too!


  1. My Christmas tree was up the Sunday before Thanksgiving, I would have had it on Friday, but the lot wasn't open yet!

  2. Hey girl, I wish I could say we were moving to the mountains! My husbands grandparents gave us some land, and we were looking at modular homes. But right now, it's not really working for our price range, so we may not be moving! We still have a few options so we'll see!


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