Making Decorations and Memories.

This fall there were so many pine cones around our house which I used for a lot of my fall decor that the Mr. and I had also said we should go all elementary school and make some Christmas ornaments out of them as well. I was in! So, we ventured out to heaven...I mean, Target to gather supplies.

To make the day even more special, the first snow of the year came and stayed all day long. While we were at Target that genius, handsome man I married did something that almost made me pass out. It went a little something like this, "Hey babe, I saw these light bulbs and was thinking we could make ornaments out of them." Me {feeling lightheaded}: "Um, ok, how do you want to do that" That Handsome Genius of a Man That I Married: "Well, I was thinking we could draw on little snowman faces on some and then put red stripes on the others to make them look like peppermints." Me {on the floor passed out but waking up to say this}: "That's a GREAT idea, babe!" 

I know, I told y'all I was a lucky girl. So, here are those cute little ornaments.

We bought two packs of these for .99 cents each!

We drew on these cutie faces.

And made a family of little snowmen!

Then there were the peppermints......
that turned out looking like murder victims....so we won't talk about them anymore.

On to the pine cones. We spray painted them white and used a spray fixative that you can find at any art store. I had this idea to tie a little twine to hold the pine cones while I sprayed them but I just couldn't reach every area so I just started to hold them with my hands...and turned into a mime.

But I've never been scared of a little paint, I just scrubbed it off later. After painting we sprinkled some pine cones with silver glitter and some with gold. Note: use the extra fine glitter so it doesn't look as much like a 3-year old's craft. Then I cut little loops of silver ribbon and hot glued them to the top of each pine cone.

After that I just added little bows to the top and hung them on our tree. No, they are not Martha Stewart worthy but that is NOT what I was going for here. I wanted to start a tradition that will continue for years to come. It was our first time to make decorations as a family. We laughed, encouraged each other when we goofed up, made cookies, belted out with the Christmas music that was playing and ended the night enjoying our hard work. I hope you all make some time to do something similar with your loved ones.

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