Baby Nursery Wall Letters

Right now I have close to 20 friends that are pregnant right now...I know, that's a LOT! Talk about a baby boom. In my Sunday school class everyone is also pregnant except for me and the girl who is engaged. The church calls our class "the Breeders" because we are repopulating the church! HA! I know, so when one of those super sweet, and super preggo friends of mine asked if I would help her with a project for the nursery I was SO excited!!

Karen is expecting a baby girl in like....1 day! I'm not kidding, the latest update sounds like her little bundle of joy will be here either tomorrow or Friday {I'm hoping Friday so we'll have the same birthday}. The project at hand was for wall letters to spell out her name above the crib in the nursery. So, what do you do first ladies? SHOP! Yes, we met each other at Michael's after work one day and shopped for the paint, letters and ribbon. With some of the letters missing we had a minor panic but were saved by her sweet sister who visited another Michael's the next day and found them all. Can we say, super sister? Yes!

I was so excited to get started on the letters that I forgot to take a before photo, forgive me. But the letters were just painted plain old white....but we wanted a yummy chocolate brown. So, I started spray painting away. And then, there was another minor disaster that I might have thrown a little tantrum over. This happened to the letters:

Eek! The horror! The paint pooled in some places and ran right off in others. And as you can tell it just went plain old funky in some other places! Of all the things I have spray painted this has never happened to me.

So, I went back to Michael's and bought sandpaper, acrylic brown paint and got out my paintbrushes for a redo. I prayed really hard that it wouldn't be screwed up.

And I'm pleased to say after the sanding and re-painting that round two looked nice and clean like this:

Now it's time for the fun stuff...decorating with polka dots and ribbon!!

I dotted them all in varying sizes with the opposite end of a large paintbrush. After I used the white paint as a primer I went back over every dot with a pearl finish so it would shimmer in the light....very girlie.

The ribbon is a pretty pale pink with tiny white polka dots as well {we've got a theme, can you tell?}. As you can see I broke out the trusty hot glue gun {it works on everything} and once I measured all the ribbons so they would roughly be the same length I hot-glued them to the back of the letter and made a bow at the top. We chose a wired ribbon which turned out to be really handy in re-fluffing {so not a word, but it works here} the bows after tying them. 

After all of that was completed there was only one thing left to do before I delivered them...a photo-shoot on the kitchen floor! Also, have I driven you nuts by not telling you the baby's name? Here it is:

And I don't know what was up with Phoenix but he must have thought he was Julianne or something because he just wanted to sit next to those letters the whole time I was doing this!

So, that was it! The pictures changed from day to night in here, sorry for that but I had to allow time for the layers of paint to dry. It was such a fun project to do for such sweet and generous friends of ours.

Brad and Karen, it was so much fun for me to help decorate your baby girl's nursery, thank you, it was an honor. Julianne will be here before you know it and big brother Jaxson will be such a great help to you. Daniel and I love you both!

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