Today I...

- Had the best day at work that I've had all year long.
- Dropped off a project {that I'll feature on here} to a sweet friend.
- Had a nice lunch with some really nice ladies I got to know better.
- Kissed my little dog a whole lot {he's curled up next to me sleeping on my pillow right now}.
- Daydreamed about my upcoming trip to Savannah.
- Laughed and smiled a lot....and cried just once.
- Went to a new woman's bible study, "Stepping Up" by Beth Moore and I'm really excited about it and how God is going to grow me through it in the coming weeks.
- Went grocery shopping at Harris Teeter with all my coupons for Super Doubles week and saved over $86!
- Snuggled with my Mister on the couch and had a nice evening together.
- Enjoyed the warm air and thought a lot about easy summer days and warm summer nights and particularly about some of those spent on Topsail Island.

What did you do today?

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