Better late than never....March Goals!

Wow, it's late, like ridiculously, I-can't-believe-I'm-even-bothering-it-is-so-embarrassing late. Yes,today is March the 7th and I am posting my monthly goals. I hate that, but this is the guilt I always feel with my blog. It is something I am interested in, I always have great ideas and dreams for it, but because I work a full time job and lead a very busy life with my husband helping out with our youth group, church activities and traveling, I don't get to post the way I would love to on here. I really do look forward to the day when I can stay at home with our children and find at least half an hour during the day at some point to sit down here and blog a little. 

All of our "busyness" has become a little overwhelming lately. It has been so bad that the laundry was about to attack me it was so tall and all the clutter began to look acceptable because it had sat there for so long. I was letting my duties at home fall behind because of all this other stuff going on in my life. 

This weekend it was so refreshing to have one of those talks with the Mister that comes up usually once or twice a year for us. The talk that comes when we find ourselves really busy and I find myself feeling spread to thin. Daniel once again reminded me that I do not have to attend everything at church-he is hired by them, not me and {here's the best part} my job is at home. I know for many women in our society today that stirs up many feminist feelings of anger and women being suppressed, but that ladies, is music to my ears! Probably because I have a loving husband who doesn't force me into that position, he knows it is my calling and my passion and he helps me be the best I can at it. Just as I want to support him in his calling. 

By being reminded of that, and it was just that, a quick simple reminder I regained focus and joy in my place within our home. That night I didn't go to church with Daniel. Instead, I stayed home and did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned the office, cut and organized coupons, finally unpacked my suitcase and changed the sheets on the bed. I felt SO much better after getting my house back in order. 

As you might guess, my first goal will have to do with this...

{March Goals}

Sincerely work on time management and saying "no" to some things.
 Buy organizers for office.
Finish organizing office the way I want it.
Buy canvas and paint large scale print for Daniel's office.
Take youth group to a Carolina Hurricane's Game.
Post pictures from Savannah.
Finalize a plan for making slipcovers for sofa and loveseat.
Use my new food processor.
Start training for my second 5k run!
Move banks.
Get taxes done.
See financial planner.
Stick to our new 20 minute clutter clean up every evening.

 I hope you all have jumped right into March with some great aspirations of your own and plans how to make them happen! I can't wait to share with you all my pictures from our trip to Savannah, GA. It was the best vacation we've ever taken and anyone who loves the south will love the pictures....stay tuned!

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