Y'all have probably been wondering...where is she? I hate not having the time to update this recently. The past two weeks have probably been the busiest I have been in literally two years. I won't bore you with the details but have hope that it looks like thinks are going from full-throttle around the Ritchie house to just under that ;).

Anyways, since I have been gone I have been hunting. Yes, hunting. No, silly, not an animal {although, I am not opposed and have been dying to go for my first time} but for furniture! Two weekends ago my mom and I went antique shopping in Raleigh and I had the best time and scored a desk, chair, 3 barstools, an end table, an old milk jar that I'm using as a flower vase or carafe and two beautiful white bakers pumpkins...all for $100! SCORE!

I cannot wait to load those pictures on here and share all my favorite antique hunts in Raleigh. Since then I have been hunting down some living room seating. We have a sofa now that we bought from one of those big chain furniture stores a few years ago and we thought it was fine but I think it took a year or two for us to realize we just don't like the darn thing! While it looks nice, it isn't comfortable to: sit, lay, snuggle, sleep, watch movies or have two adults with a 45 pound hound dog all on it together for longer than about 30 minutes. All of those things we do as often as possible on our sofa so we are on the hunt for either a sofa to replace this one and one of those awesome chair and a half to go with it, or a sectional. Either way, it has to be REALLY deep seating since the Mr. and I are very tall people-I'm talking at least 40" deep. 

I don't know if any of you have ever seen Tori & Dean on Oxygen before, but first of all, I love how she decorated her whole house. Secondly, I think I would steal her sofa if it were possible! Ok, not really, but I really, really want a big, cushy sofa like theirs that is almost bed-like. However, I have a prerequisite: it cannot be frumpy! I am a firm believer that it does not have to look like a Lay-Z-Boy to be comfortable. No offense to those Lay-Z-Boy lovers out there...they serve their purpose well being very comfortable, they are just not my personal taste.

So, once again we are heading to Raleigh tomorrow to hopefully find what we're looking for since we were unsuccessful locally last Saturday. I hope you all enjoy your weekends...by the way....are any of you doing anything to spruce up your homes this weekend? Maybe some more fall decorating or for Halloween perhaps? If so, please share in the comments!

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