Fall Simplicity.

Easiest fall decoration....ever.
I don't know about y'all, but life has been really, really crazy for me the past few weeks. As much as I love to decorate, dream up plans for my home and make some beautiful things for it on the cheap, I just haven't had the time to do any of it. However, I wanted to do a little more fall decorating but had to think of something that could be done in oh, about 1 minute and cost, oh...about $2. And here it is!
I grabbed these four glasses from my cabinets, bought two bags of candy corn from the store and viola! Instant cute, cheap, fast, unexpected fall/Halloween decoration. I liked using these glasses because they were so simple already, when arranged as a group like this they really make a statement.
I'll let you in on a little secret......those "glasses" are flower vases! Even better, they're $.97 a piece at Wal-Mart! About two years ago I was looking for tall, skinny, so-simple-they're-modern glasses. I was having a hard time finding just the right ones without spending $10 or more per glass {which will just eventually get broken and go in the trash}. Never fear, Wal-Mart's flower vase aisle saved me...and I get complimented on those things all the time.
So, it's not magazine worthy, nor is it perfect, but it's a cute way to add a little fall flair to your home! Since I already owned the glasses it cost me the price of the candy corn but if you run out to Wal-Mart and get the glasses, ahem, vases then it will cost you around $6. I know, it's really gonna break your bank ;). I had to hurry up and post this because the candy corn levels are quickly dropping since I can't stop eating one out of each glass every time I walk by!
So go ahead and give it a try, or post your own version of this and leave a link in the comments. I would love to see everybody's creativity.


  1. My older sis's dining table centerpiece is a glass vase that she changes out the contents in each season. Easter is our favorite, because she puts in pastel peanut M&Ms...we eat them WAAAAY too fast! Hugs! :)

  2. Hi Heather - Your fall decor is simple yet perfect! Candy corn is my fave during fall, yeah! Re: your questions about my sofa, I sold it!!!

    Thanks for visiting, for joining my raffle, and for being my newest follower. Loving your blog...keep on blogging!


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