Who Knew?

 Where oh where has my summer gone to? That's what I find myself saying/thinking multiple times a day lately. Whoa, but I do have two weeks until I have to go back to work.....but one week is taken up by VBS at church. So one week....which we will be spending on vacation at the beach, woohoo!!

Did y'all know a great way to find vacations at a great price is to go on Craigslist? Now, you do have to be careful of scammers as always, however, if you're smart about it then you can find an amazing deal. My super awesome husband was bound and determined to find us a place at the beach so he looked everywhere and found us a great house for an even better price on Emerald Isle for 6 days and 5 nights!! Can we say, saawweeeet!

A lot of people posting are homeowners who need to fill a week quickly if someone backed out at the last minute so they are willing to drop their prices. I would have never thought to look at Craigslist but there ya go. Now we are dreaming of being there in a week from today.....ahhhh.

So now I'm thinking of the things I need to get/do before we hit the beach:
more beach towels-two for two people and one dog just will not do.
beach chairs
bug spray
more sunscreen
make a menu for our week at the beach
do lots of laundry

Sorry, this was a short post with no pictures, just wanted to say What's up! to all y'all Southern ladies out there. So, have you gone on vacation yet this summer or are you anticipating it like me?


Hey y'all! Thanks for the love, I adore your comments!