August Goals

I love looking through our vacation pictures from years past. This is when Daniel and I went with my family on vacation to Topsail Island last summer. Growing up we always rented an oceanfront house there every summer for one week. I love it more than any other place for vacation. This summer we are so busy that we are missing family vacation....super sad day! We're hoping to find a few days before I have to go back to work but I don't know if it will happen this year? But there is a lot for me to get done this month so here are my monthly goals!

{August 2011 Goals}
Paint guest bedroom nightstand white.
Plan VBS lessons to teach.
Teach VBS...pray for me, I do NOT want to do this!
Paint scripture painting for our house.
Paint picture for Daniel
Start planning exciting things for the girls of our youth group!!!
Go back to work...waahhhhh!
Come up with a solution for living room end table.
Buy a third Moroccan mirror for the living room-two just looks off.
Finish reading both summer books and start a third.
After a summer of eating fast food and camp food with the youth it is time to diet and detox!
Finish making my flower pillow.
Make it to the beach at least for a day!!
Spend a lot of time by the pool.

So, do any of you have goals you want to accomplish before the month is over? It's the last full month of summer, soak it up people!

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